Beijing Forever Beauty Laser Technology Development Co., Ltd.(China)
ChinaThu 18th October 2018
Long Pulse Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal
Body Cellulite reduction & Body shape slimming machine
portable cavitation ultrasound for body slimming
yag laser hair removal equipment (Padao-I)
  • yag laser hair removal equipment (Padao-I)
  • Supply Ability: 100Set
  • Price: USD 4.00-4.00
  • 1.1064nm/532 nm Portable Long Pulse ND YAG Laser
    2.Hair removal, Pigmentation, Vescular
    3.Scar removal,Blood vessels
2011 new arrival weight loss product
Health And Beauty Center
  • Health And Beauty Center
  • Supply Ability: 500
  • Health And Beauty Center:
    1064 nm Nd YAG Laser For permanent hair removal...
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